With increasing stress and pressure at work places, professional as well as personal lives get hampered. Monotony reduces one’s efficiency which results into a need of an effective stress buster. Corporate Workshops, an integral part of Chitrangan Art, prove to be a de-stressing model for working professionals.

Through the sessions on Mohin Art Painting conducted by Founder Milind Deshpande, an attempt is made to experience relief in its true sense. As Miniature Painting involves a lot of detailing, it requires concentration and patience. The workshop makes sure that participants indulge into techniques which allow them to inculcate these traits in them. To make the workshop more accommodative, the intricacies of Miniature Painting are explored with the help of colour pencils.

This monthly workshop comprises of 8 sessions every month. In every session of one and a half hour, about 40 to 45 working professionals participate. The purpose is to understand and practice an art form which helps them release undue stress off their shoulders. Leading IT companies like Persistent and Oracle have already been helped with this unique stress buster by Rang Academy.

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