Painting classes

Chitrangan Academy firmly believes in the idea that there’s always scope to learn. So our tuitions have students ranging from the age of 9 to 55. Every student, irrespective of age and background, is taught according to his/her capabilities. The sole purpose is to understand the techniques and more importantly, the philosophy of Mohin Art Painting. Eventually, the individualistic creativity of every student is tapped.

The sessions build various qualities as Mohin painters in you. While technicalities like balancing colors are taught through hands-on exercises, fundamental qualities like patience, concentration, lateral thinking, and eye-for-detail are imbibed throughout the process. This helps younger students in achieving finesse over the art form as well as in academic and extra-curricular activities. For others, cultivating their creative side helps in finding inner positivity.

The ultimate aim of Chitrangan Art Academy is to preserve the art of Mohin Painting. Introducing it to students at an early age and encouraging senior ones to understand its intricacies, are the initiatives we are taking. These fundamentals, combined with every student’s individual capability, will take the art form further.

Please contact us to learn more about how you can join our painting classes.

Manthan Kirdat
College Student
I really had a great experience at chitrangan art academy, i had lots of fun, made new friends and learnt a lot. Milind dada is really very friendly, positive, encouraging and creative and he is one of the best teacher i have ever met.
Swapnil Joglekar
School Student
I am a student of std 9 . I am learning drawing and painting under guidance of Milind Sir since std 3. He made​ me so efficient in drawing that , I started "Mohin" art of miniature painting just at the age of 11. Learning under his guidance is joyful and a great experience. "Mohin" Art requires a lot of patience and accuracy , Milind Dada development​ both these skills in me. On the way of the jurney of Art his guidance and his encouragement will be very important for me. I was and I will enjoy going to him and learning under him.
Vedant Mahajan
College Student
By birth I am hearing impaired. With Cochlear Implant I can hear and can speak very well. Currently I am in 12th Commerce at P Jog Jr. College, Mayur Colony, Pune. When I started painting, I gradually I started liking it. Also in the initial period I used to get restless and could not focus and sit continuously for long hours. Now my concentration has increased multifold and I can seat for hours without any disturbance. I have decided want to make my career in drawing and painting.

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