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Milind Deshpande is the creator of the Mohin style of Miniature Painting. A lifelong painter based in Pune, Milind Deshpande is an artist at heart who has continuously pursued his passion for art and culture.

An alumnus of the Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, he not only has an excellent command over his art but also possesses the ability to explain the philosophy behind it. Milind has previously worked as an illustrator, designer, and painter for various media houses, including newspapers like Loksatta, magazines like Kishor.

He has also presented his Mohin paintings at prestigious forums like Art Society of India and Bombay Art Society. Despite a long association with this field, Milind is persistent when it comes to experimentation with new techniques and thriving for brilliance.

Out of this enthusiasm to explore and promote the intricacies of Mohin painting, Milind founded Chitrangan Art Academy.