Project Chitrangan

When there is spirited teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. As a manifestation of this concept, we started Project Chitrangan in January 2016. The 1-year long project aims at creating a healthy environment, wherein the entire team works as a unit by helping each other in ideation and technical aspects of Mohin painting. All this, while still preserving the individuality of the artists.

Mohin painting is achieved through careful strokes of Delicate Brushes. In Chitrangan, Milind Deshpande shares his thorough knowledge of these technicalities involved in Mohin while encouraging to develop a creative perspective of one's own. The project focuses on honing the overall skillset to achieve finesse in this intricate art.

The project proves to be a great opportunity for painting enthusiasts to work with other artists who are equally passionate about this art. We believe that the strength of the team is each individual member and the strength of each member is the team. Through this initiative, we encourage team effort and imbibe immense respect for each other’s work. It promotes exchange of ideas and helps the participants to understand the finer nuances of this intricate art form.

Currently a team people from different professional backgrounds, we plan to create at least 6 Mohin paintings per member till the end of this year under the valuable guidance of Milind Deshpande. Chitrangan is an ideal space for art enthusiasts to express genuine appreciation for the work in Mohin painting.

Team Chitrangan is still growing. We welcome every new member with enthusiasm. Please connect with us and be a part of Project Chitrangan!


Manisha Bahulekar
I started learning Mohin art from Mr. Milind Deshpande in the year 2010. I was amazed by the intricate work in the paintings and was eager to learn. The process of learning the art is very nuturing and does increase ones patience. It gave me a kind of satisfaction that no other style or medium does. So after doing varied art projects, I have again pursued her interest in Mohin Art through Project Chitrangan.
Supriya Wakankar
I feel that there lies is a great harmony that binds two very different relations together. Sometimes those two objects look structurally opposite but a delicate thread of love balances and holds them together. They mutually compensate each other to nurture the relationship. There's a great harmony between Milind, his way of teaching and all of us at Project Chitrangan. I'm very happy with the way my paintings have evolved over a period of time!
Priyank Umalkar
Hr Manager
Mohin painting for me has always been heroic in scope and not limited by its scale—it is a space to unleash one’s imagination. My interest in mohin painting was to expand the medium from within, embracing its craft, technique, rigour, detail and small scale, as well as its historical contexts. I was invested in its beauty and illustrative lushness too. Foremost in importance in mohin art is the highly skilled and painstaking techniques that are evident upon viewing the artwork. A fine mohin can be magnified many times, and it will still hold together as a fine work of art of much greater size. It should draw the viewer’s eye deeper and deeper into itself with amazement at the details of the works. We hope that the viewers attending this exhibition will enjoy the exploration that only Mohin art can achieve

Chitrangan Gallery