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Self-awareness is the process of gaining a clear perception of your personality, including emotions, strengths and weaknesses. This process takes place only through introspection. Be+ is a project that channelizes introspection in the right direction and brings out immense amount of positivity hidden deep inside your mind, through painting.

The project helps participants discover their artistic side with painting in acrylic colours. It strives to unleash the artist within them. The most important aspect of the project is that the approach to painting is realistic. Participants are prompted to draw what they see or have seen with their eyes, not something out of imagination. Through this expression, their inner positivity is tapped and confidence is built in them.

The span of this project is 1 year. 3 editions of Be+ were previously conducted from 2009 to 2011. Through Be+, we made a successful attempt to utilise art as a mental therapy. It not only helped the participants, who once considered themselves as non-artists, embark on a journey to discover an artist in them but it also strengthened them mentally. Colours served as a means of catharsis for the people who were a part of the previous editions of this project.

The project also organises sessions with hypnotherapist and eminent personalities who enlighten participants to understand the importance of optimism in life. Well-known actor Deepa Lagu, hypnotherapist Mana Pai and HR facilitator Yashodhara Bhalerao conducted such sessions in earlier editions.

The newest edition of Be+ is on its way. For updates, get in touch with us or keep watching this space.


  • Aniruddha Indurkar
    IT Professional
I am a 45 year old family man in the IT profession. The “Be Positive” project allowed me to probe some of my motivations from a positive and non-critical viewpoint. The creative process required me to explore, conceptualize, visualize and articulate facets of my personality and in the process further my self development. For me this has been a rejuvenating experience and I feel that there is more to explore and develop as the journey unfolds.
  • I find that focusing on one thing at the expense of some other is a negative viewpoint. Harmony and balance with my surroundings keeps me rooted in my reality and helps me to enjoy my experiences at a deeper level. Through physical exercise such as Swimming and practice of Yoga, games such as Squash and certainly through my life experiences, I strive to achieve these traits. Their importance in the painting process can’t be overstated. The painting speaks for itself, it is inspired by a configuration of rocks in the vicinity of Hampi, Karnataka.
  • Anjali Deshpande
    Professional Technical Writer
I am a professional technical writer and a happily married home maker based in Pune. Before getting into technical writing, I was working in the HR resource planning. I wanted to get into writing, but I was not confident. “Be positive” workshop by Milind made a positive difference in my life. I got into writing and am very happy about my decision. “Be Positive” means a positive approach towards life. As we all know, life is not a bed of roses. This workshop helped me develop a positive mental attitude gives you the strength and wisdom to deal with the varied life situations.
  • This is my first B+ painting. It depicts a magnifying glass looking into an eye. This signifies introspection. Introspection can be a powerful tool to keep a positive mental attitude. A dispassionate self-analysis can be helpful in going through the ups and downs of life. If we develop a habit of looking at ourselves with an objective eye, we can live a richer life.
  • Pallavi Gadgil
    Freelance Journalist
I met Milind Deshpande regarding an article about Project Be Positive. But Milind tapped the artist in me. He made me introspect, brought out my positive points and inspired me to portray them on the canvas. Drawing the Pancha Mahabhutas was a liberating experience for me. Milind helps us sketch better, highlight strong points, which in turn helps us to focus on our brighter aspects, ultimately constructing a positive attitude. As a journalist, I just visited his project to write something on it. But then Milind suggested me to join this project and I also felt the same. Joining the project was an interesting point in my life.
  • I chose positive factor as 'Good Management'. Milind ji and I discussed various symbols for this point and finalized the 'Pancha Mahabhuta' who manages the nature and the earth well. The colours and figures for these symbols are prominent. This painting has attracted many viewers since its creation.
  • Bharat Metkar
    Principal Scientist, Lupin Research, Pune
I am working as a Principal Scientist in Lupin Research Park at Pune, a pharmaceutical transnational company. I am an introvert and am sincere towards my professional and personal life. My hidden talent of drawing got a boost after speaking with Mr. Milind Deshpande and his initiative of Be Positive program. It was the self-motivation and turning point in my life as this program enriched my internal desire to express my talent through painting, which I had forgotten for many years. This program increased my self-satisfaction level to the highest level.
  • This is my first painting on canvas. Cactus in this pictures expresses my simple and kind nature. Even though Cactus has thrones, can withstand harsh climate, still has flowers, which smoothens the heart.

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