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Project Chitrangan is an ideal space for art enthusiasts to express genuine appreciation for the work in Mohin Art painting. The project is a great opportunity for painting enthusiasts to work with other artists who are equally passionate about this art.

Be Positive Workshop

Discover your artistic side with the Be Positive Workshop. Participants are prompted to draw what they see or have seen with their eyes, not something out of imagination. Bring out immense amount of positivity hidden deep inside, through painting.

Painting Classes

Students, irrespective of age and background, can join our Painting Classes. You will be learning finer aspects of painting, and qualities like patience, lateral thinking and eye-for-detail are imbibed to achieve finesse in the art form.

About Us

Colour is a power which directly influences the soul, appeals to the mind and adds beauty to life. Like in the real world, it often becomes the building block of painting. With this thought in mind, Chitrangan Art was established in 2005. Its vision is to explore the potential of colors in the relatively unexplored, complex and beautiful form of Mohin painting. To portray culturally significant artefacts and ancient lifestyles through this form, apart from preserving its traditional style.

A brainchild of artist Milind Deshpande, Chitrangan Art is a platform that invites potential artists from various walks of life. Through various workshops and projects, we endeavour to hone their skills and encourage artistic talent. From school/college students to corporate professionals to retired enthusiasts, everyone can join us. Promoting healthy exchange of ideas, we ultimately aim to contribute to the glory of Mohin painting.


Milind Badkundri
Writer & Teacher
Mohin art (a variation of miniature painting) helps improve your patience and concentration. It is actually a form of enjoyable meditation. At the end of this meditation you get a tangible product which is your wonderful piece of art. It will definitely serve as a boon to parents who feel that their children don't have a good attention span and are found wanting in their concentration levels.
Charu Hirwe
Rotarian & current president of Pune Sarasbaug Club
Under the guidance of artist Mr Milind Deshpande, our group, consisting of a wide profiles of students, experience "Mohin" art of miniature painting, which is one of its kind. In a very quiet and peaceful environment with lot of patience, consistency and dedication we enjoy the work of art. I feel it is a meditation which enables us to tap in to our own potential.
Ashwini Kashikar
Founder & Director,
Synergy IF Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
Mohin painting for me has always been heroic in scope and not limited by its scale — it is a space to unleash one’s imagination. My interest in Mohin painting was to expand the medium from within, embracing its craft, technique, rigour, detail and small scale, as well as its historical contexts. I was invested in its beauty and illustrative lushness too.