Playing Cards in Mohin Art

The characters in a deck of playing cards are familiar to all of us right from childhood. For me, they represented a fascinating world of their own. I always felt like colouring that world in my way… using Mohin Art, a style that I have developed. ‘Playing Cards in Mohin Art’ - this idea had been lingering in my mind for a long time. So, there could be no bigger joy than seeing that idea take such a colourful shape.

Junior and senior students from Chitrangan Art Institute joined me in this innovative creation. Team Chitrangan consisted of Ashwini Kashekar, Manisha Bahulekar, Priyanka Umalkar, Milind Badkundri, Swapnil Joglekar and Ketki Deshpande.

When I approached the concept, I wondered if all the characters should be painted in a set of specific colours, but then all the other colours lured me towards them…I just couldn’t resist including them too. These cards display a wide range of colour combinations.

First, I made sample sketches and then went about making variations. Each one of them is a miniature painting. The process in which the designs came up was mesmerising to everyone involved and they worked with dedication and delight.

The King, Queen and Jack were to be designed in an Indian style. Each of them adorned jewels with apparels to match. Their design was supposed to be intricate and delicate. All this were meant to be done in one style and different characters. So, we had immense scope for experimentation.

One more decision proved very interesting – that of naming the cards in English and Sanskrit! This cultural dimension enhanced their appeal.

I was more than glad that my vision has come to fruition…It is really an elating experience to see Mohin Art Style take on this new interactive avatar.


Jorja Gwaltney
Embry Riddle University
Daytona Beach, Florida USA
The cards are beautiful! It's a really neat way to learn about Mohin art (that I've not heard of before). Each card is beautiful and intricate in its own way and I really appreciate that. The passion and effort is truly seen, and I will forever keep these cards as a "show and tell" piece!
Gianna Castano
Embry Riddle University Daytona Beach, Florida USA
I've really enjoyed the cards you've made so far. The cards themselves are pretty durable and high quality and I'm happy that you put your and your team's names because the work on it is amazing! A couple friends came over recently and they spent a solid 5 minutes looking through each card.
Arpita Bhide
Mohin playing cards is very nice. My son loved it. I would like to say one thing, if you do this in different languages, many in India will like it.
Vishal Nimkar
I got Mohin playing cards. I think I have something different. Very very nice and beautiful idea.


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